Liverpool Versus ManUnited: Make we reason Liverpool matter before we knack them.

On Saturday, we go go Anfield go meet Hugging FC. Na our biggest match this season so far. They say we never play any meaningful person this season and we dey beat small people. We go prove everybody wrong tomorrow. So make we look into this team small.

Since Hugging FC beat Bayern baby mama finish, they never get themselves too much. They don win only one match out of their last seven matches. But whenever they see us, they dey up their game well well. Nobody dey consider form for big matches. And remember say Liverpool no dey too lose big matches since Mr. Smile&Hug waka enter their club as coach.

Against big teams, Liverpool players dey work harder and run more than their opponents and that na wetin I dey expect from them on Saturday. If we match their workrate, we win easily because we get balanced team more than them. We get defence, midfield and attack; they get basket, midfield and Ben-Johnsons. So we no need to give them space between defence and De Gea because their attack get pace.


Romelu Lukaku gats show himself as they no get defence. Baba Jose gats dey smart with tactics and game plan to exploit weaknesses wey them get full everywhere. If we beat them, confidence go improve wella for players and fans and critics go shut up. Baba Jose gots start to dey improve him record against Klopp starting on Saturday. I no like as him don win only 1 match out of 7 when both of them don meet before.

Make we ginger! We suppose knack them. My prediction na ManUnited win 2-1. Make the game start jorrr!!!



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