Pundits: Dem no go miss Fellaini

Phil Neville and former Liverpool man Danny Murphy dun join head together agree say United no go suffer without Belgian against Liverpool cos of hin injury.

Phil Neville believe say Jose Mourinho no go get any problem as to deal with the squad selection: “He [Mourinho] know hin best IX at this point in time and hin no go change. Fellaini na big loss for am because say e mean hin gats change the make-up for midfield but to bring Ander Herrera fit con be even beta option for am.”

“Fellaini dun do well but Herrera i like wella,” na Murphy add. “Hin bring energy and tenacity. Hin be ogbonge footballer as well. Hin dey good at everything. I dey surprised hin no con dey start more. I go wan go up against Fellaini than Herrera.”

Despite Big Fella ogbonge form, una still believe say Herrera na superior player?


Wetin you think?

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