Rio Ferdinand dun get messgae for Marcus Rashford

Rashford dun establish hinsef for United first team under Jose Mourinho, as hin dun start six of seven league games this season.

Ferdinand con yarn: “Hin be ogbonge talent and hin dey do wella. Hin look like say hin dun dey mature like man. Hin dey improve, hin dey hungry and hin dey see correct opportunities this season. Hin be pesin wey fit be huge talent for United and England – and hin bin dey the right place to do am.

“You go see people like Ousmane Dembele wey dun waka enta Barcelona and Mbeppe, wey dun waka enta PSG. Sey u fit say Rashford dey the sane level as them? I think say potentially hin dey as good as those pikins, but dem dun do am for Champe, hin still dey hustle hard to do am.

“But i no think say Marcus dey silly. Hin know say hin no be finished article and go continue to dey hustle wella for hin game. Hin gats to dey prove hinsef, and plenty plenty hurdles dey wey hin gats to get over. These young players, dem dey too quick to say, ‘Hin fit be this or that’.

” If him keep to dey improve, keep to dey work for hin game and stay in love with football, hin get as good chance as any pikin for this game to be real success and biggie star.”


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