‘We gats up our game if we wan beat Manchester United’ – Emre Can dey eye 3points


Liverpool gats ball fire if dem wan beat Manchester United at Anfield, wetin Emre Can yarn ahead of Saturday’s Premier League clash.

Currently, Jurgen Klopp’s side dey siddon for 7th position in the League table, while the Red Devils dey siddon for 2nd position.

The thing wey dey affect Liverpool this season, na the fact say their defence be like pure water and their attackers too dey waste chances but Can believe say if dem fit beat United, e fit ginger their moral for the rest of the season.


‘The match go hard onto say Manchester United dey ball this season so far. But we know say we sabi ball too, so the game dey hungry us self,’ na wetin Emre yarn.

‘We gats tackle dem, no free space, we gats try collect midfield for their hand and we gats tear net when we see chances. Make we dey see sha.’

‘E always dey special to play ball for Anfield and now na against Machester United, e dey hungry us, we dey look foward to the match.’


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