Marouane Fellaini na the LAST thing wey i want – David Moyes

Former boss dun reveal just how tough e dun be for am (again) as e con shed small light ontop the failed transfer campaign wey con be like say na hin cost am the job


”I never want make Marouane Fellaini be my first signing for Manchester United. Na the last thing wey me and my staff want be that.”

”We chuck eye enta Nemanja Matic first. He no do well for Chelsea con came back to Benfica. Hin dey our eye wella as e be say we dey find defensive midfielder we go dey able to deliver the ball. We no con get watin we dey hope for. Instead, na Marouane Fellaini we con get on deadline day.”

”I follow Gareth Bale yarn plenty times and tried to convince am to join us, but hin heart strong wella say na Real Madrid hin wan marry.”

”I follow Cesc Fabregas yarn for phone. Hin dey unsure of hin place for Barcelona. Hin tell me say ‘If I no con start the first game of the season, I go join una’. Hin start that game o.”

”If Sir Alex Ferguson take over from himself, hin go find am tough. One kyn changeover dey for the group. I dey lucky to take over champions, but then Chelsea and City dun dey strong wella but we no dey do anything. E for dun be tough job for anybody.”

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