Mourinho wan attack for Anfield, Kane ambition and other top tori

”I go play one defender and nine strikers”; ”Anfield atmosphere go help”; ”Lukaku dey fine to play”: Jose Mourinho yarn ahead of today game.

Anthony Martial dey expected to start over Marcus Rashford today as e be say the French winger, unlike the England international, no get any international football distraction.

”We still fit play football without Mane”; ”No Mourinho rivalry”; ”I no fit even think of United job when i dey Mainz”: Jurgen Klopp yarn give media prior to Manchester United.

Harry Kane dun enta report say hin dey ontop Manchester United summer transfer shortlist as Jose Mourinho dey touch light how to build strong up front partnership for years to come.

Atletico Madrid defender Filipe Luis dun claim say Antoine Griezmann use United summer interest to get hin own better contract for hin current club.

David Moyes dun once again emphasise failed transfer campaign for 2013 wey cost am the job as the club no fit secure signings wey hin ask for con instead the Scotsman ‘end up with Marouane Fellaini.’


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