Players Report Card: Liverpool vs Manchester United.


Manchester United resume premier league duties as dem travel go face Liverpool for Anfield. The game end in goalless them carry Man United eat draw soup. Man United fans dey vex gan! The players no turn up at all today. We miss Pogba and Fellaini for this same. Na the player ratings be this:

David de Gea: world best! Na him save our Nyash for this match o. If not for him we for chop better L. He make some impossible saves to deny Liverpool and keep clean sheet. I rate am 10.


Valencia: Oga ‘one way’ no get any joy for this game as Coutinho pin am back for that left wing dey use am see shege. Him try to contain Liverpool attacks from the left wing. Average contribution, I give am 5.5

Chris Smalling: Smallo just off today. Liverpool attackers don use am do YouTube hilights. I surprise say them no score. Below average, I give am 4.8

Phil Jones: He get tough game today. Similar to Chris Smalling, he dey very disjointed. He no fit thread better passes but last last he try keep sheet. I give am 5.

Darmian: Them too use am do hilight. He struggle against Sallah for that right wing. Attack na dead.  I give am 4.6

Ashley Young: Vanishing spray! I no see this guy on top field for good 50 minutes. No impact whatsoever – Defensively and attackwise na big error. I give am 4.

Matic: Baba no fit do everything by himself. Na the only bright spark wey dey on that field today.  He try against Liverpool to disrupt their passes and win possession. He also try going forward. I give am 6.5

Herrera: Every match wey Herrera dey play, he just dey fall my hand. The sad truth be say Herrera na average player. Him no fit collect midfield from Liverpool, no fit pass well and him tracking na dead. Oga you deserve 4.5


image.jpegMkhitaryan: Very underwhelming performance. No impact at all. Come dey lose ball join. Passing game na dead. Last last I give am 4.

Martial: Few bright touches here and there. Him game today na mostly defensive as Liverpool play us half field. He get average game last last. I give am 5.

Lukaku: them frustrate am for this game as he no see ball play. He get one vital chance for first half but he miss am. Lukaku gots improve on him finishing. He need dey more prolific. I give am 5.5


Lingard: He replace Mkhi for second half to try inject more urgency for the game. Nothing much change sha. I no see him impact. I give am 4.5 for all his efforts.

Rashford: Him try impact the game small for second half but to no avail. Them bully am for the wings so he no too see chance to create goalscoring opportunities. I give am 5 for effort.

Lindelof: Replaced Ashley young late in the game. Not enough time to rate his impact.

Make I no lie, I dey very disappointed in this team. But we no go give up, na Manchester United we be. We go improve and make amends for our next game. Until then, glory glory Manchester United!


Wetin you think?

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