Juan Mata’s blog: ‘We dey eye 9 points in Champions League as we wan knack Benfica’


Another Monday don reach and Juan Mata don come again with another episode of hin weekly blog and we at MUIP dey here to translate am:

“My people how una dey,

This time wey i dey write una, i no fit begin talk about the fact say we knack person, like i dey do before, but i believe say e go better and i get good reason for my belief. The draw wey we get for Anfield no easy at all, as everybody bin join body wella, put head for ground to ensure say we collect 1 point. Now we don shift our attention to the Champions League.


On Wednesday, we dey wakka go Estadio da Luz, na our third match for Champions League and we dey hope say we fit knack dem so we fit extend our good run. Personally, Benfica dey make me remember better things wey don happen in my life. I bin play against them in 2012 for Champions League quarter-final, and na that same season wey i carry UCL title with Chelsea. Next year, we con jam dem for Europa League final in 2013 and we win.

I sha no wan underrate dem because i don get good times against dem. Dem be team wey sabi ball and their supporters dey make noise ehn. Dem need the three points so we gats dey at our best if we wan knack dem.

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When weekend reach, we go face Huddersfield in the Premier League, na our third away game in a row. I never play ball for that stadium before, so i go add am to my ‘Matamundi’. We know say the match no go easy, but we go try knack dem.

Ehen, i wan rest now. Make una enjoy una week.



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