Huddersfield Town versus Manchester United. Make We Reason Their Matter Before we Knack Them.

After last week draw for Liverpool house plus our midweek trip wey we go Benfica house, I think this fixture good make we use gather points, goals and more confidence. Huddersfield town no be pushovers o but we suppose knack them.

They be one of the newly promoted teams, everybody already know that one. They bin do initial gragra when season start wey make their manager even win coach of the month that time but they don gradually dey come back where they belong. As their coach be Hugging FC coach younger brother, we suppose beat am well well so him go cry make him brother hug am.


Unto their tactics, huddersfield sabi hold ball well. They like to tap ball for ground and create chances but they no too get quality players to execute their style well. They also sabi press high. But we get better quality pass them. We just need to score from our chances because the more the game dey go if we no score, the more gragra they go dey do. So 2 goals for first half go calm them down. And this na the type of matches wey we need to build goal difference as Pep Guardiola wan turn premier league to basketball, we need to dey score our own when we see chance too do am o. But na 3 points matter most for this match and we go get am.


Wetin you think?

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