Huddersfield Town FC vs Manchester United player ratings.


Manchester United chop their first L of the premier league season when them travel go face Huddersfield town for their stadium. The game shock all Man United fans as we expect say na win we go win, but the way the players play today, we deserve this L. Na the players report card be this:

David de Gea: Bin concede two goals today but no be him fault as him defenders betray am. Rough game for world’s best keeper. I give am 5.

Valencia: No real impact from him today. One way too dey static – him crosses sef na dead. I don dey lose hope sef. I give am 5.

Jones: Them sub am early for first half after e pick up injury. E pain am gan! We hope say he go come back soon. I give am 6.


Victor Lindelof: Trash! This guy bin no convince me say him be Man United quality from the day I see am. Below average player – and e emphasize my point with one horrendous performance today. He dey at fault for the second goal. I give am 3.

Smalling: Average game as usual. Even tho he try keep things tidy at the back for the second half, the 2 goals we concede for first half undo him work. I give am 5.5.

Ashley Young: We no get Left back for this game. Ashley Young bin go missing thought out. Player ratings unavailable.

Matic: Na the first time I don see say Matic fit play like average player be this. I no see him work at all. Them collect midfield for him. Sub par – I rate am 5.5.

Herrera: This guy go just dey show me everyday say na very average player im be. Him combo with Matic na dead. Him shooting na zero. God go heal Pogba soon because Herrera no be watin we need now. I rate am 4.


Jesse Lingard: Him play 10 today and as usual na to dey gallop for 90 minutes dey misplace passes he just dey do. Watin dey pain me pass be say Mkhitaryan no better If to say Im start. I give am 5.

Martial: I no too get much complain for Martial today as e try ginger attack. But him final balls (however few) no accurate at all. I rate am 6.

Mata: Na him cause the first goal as e dash them possession. He no get any positive impact for this game at all. Terrible from the spaniard. I give am 4.

Lukaku: Na only am try for that attack even though he miss chance. Sometimes na him go try do all the work and dey more involved in buildup. He assist the only goal for Man United. I give am 6.5

Rashford: Super sub. Na him header save our Nyash small. If not we for go home with nothing. Decent contribution in the second half to replace Martial. I give am 6.5

Mkhitaryan: Replaced Mata in the second half and him no too do anything meaningful. I rate am 5.

Manchester United disappoint me today gan. I dey pray say Pogba and Fellaini go return to the team soon. As we dey now, na L get us if we no improve. #GGMU


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