Manchester United attackers dey struggle because of Matic-Herrera combo

We know say na because of injuries, wey make Ander Herrera and Nemanja Matic dey start together for midfield, but the koko be say all our attackers dey suffer because of am.

So far, we never watch any match wey Herrera-Matic dictate the play of the game. From the Liverpool match wey we for 90mins, to the Benfica game wey we score by luck from Rashford’s freekick, to the game against Huddersfield Town we Jose Mourinho gats scatter the formation before Rashford score.

Since the start of Matic-Herrera combo, Mkhitaryan bin dey missing. Jose con think say na fatigue cause am so e start Lingard against Huddersfield. Na the same thing wey happen to Mkhi, happen to Lingard. The problem be say if your midfield no get power, e go affect your attack. We no fit achieve great things Herrera-Matic combo as Lukaku no be the kind striker wey get mad hold up play. For Lukaku, if supply no good, e go dey ineffective.


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