Players report card : Huddersfield 2 vs ManUtd 1

The story of our unbeaten run end yesterday as we face Huddersfield and dem knack us 2-1. Truth be say, as many of us just see the line-up, we don already know say the match no go be as we expect.

I never see us impact any match wey Matic and Herrera play together. To come make matters worse, Lingard follow dem join body. 

Na the players report card be this, make una enjoy am. 

DeGea : he do him part, he save the first shot from the first goal before they score from the rebound. The 2 goals no be him fault at all. I give am 6

Valencia : him do some few runs go front but the ginger no constant. I give am 5

Smalling : he try well when he dey pair with Jones but as Jones commot, lindelof just open him yansh. Worse na say him self no dey help to move forward na just side pass and pass back to DeGea. And we all see how long him brain take boot before he play that shot wey he for score the 2nd goal.  I give am 5

Jones : na him be the rock for the defence, as he woundjure commot na so the defence collapse. I give am 6

Young : he try well for defence but him crosses for the game no match at all. That necessary final ball no just dey. I give am 5

Matic : our best player for the game. He try to link the play with attack from midfield but NA gbaná players dem carry join body with am. Dem no fit epp. I give am 6

Herrera : this one don wash/fade finish like Ankara wey dem soak inside bleach. E dey make me wonder if na the same player from last season. No impact at all for this match. I give am 4

Lingard : apart from the few fouls wey he win us and some side passes, all him attempt to go forward na gbef. I give am 4

Mata : na him cause the first goal as he lose ball for dangerous position. After that one, I no think say he get himself again for the match. I give am 4

Martial : he cause himself headache after he collect yellow card for something wey he for let go so he fit focus for the match. No surprise when Mourinho substitute am. I give am 4

Lukaku : he need to learn how to dey position himself well. I know say dem no too supply am pass for the game but himself need to learn link-up play. I give am 5

Substitutes :

Lindelof : who he epp? 3

Rashford: he change the game as he enter. No surprise say na him score the goal. I give am 6

Mkhitaryan : he lost for the match, na much later for the dying minute he begin show well. I give am 5

This match show say we need to learn to play without our main players and how to win games. This loss pain many of us as e don push us far from the top of the table.

Na the players report card be that, until our next game, make we remember say #UNITEDWESTAND 


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