Jose Mourinho’s press conference ontop Manchester United v Tottenham: ‘We fit knack dem’


Manchester United manager don provide update ahead of the clash wey Manchester United get against Tottenham for Old Trafford on Saturday.

The United boss dey beg the Red Devils supporters to make serious noise wey go make the Spurs players to piss for body.

‘I hope say our supporters go shout well tomorrow. We need atmosphere wey go make Spurs players fear to kick ball,’ na wetin Mourinho yarn.

‘For home we dey very strong. I sure say we go off their pant. Na our house Na. Ogbonno soup son finish.’

‘Spurs Na strong team, but Na no mean say dem dey unbeatable.Tomorrow we go buy different pant give dem. Their own dey too smell’

Jose Mourinho don confam say Phil Jones go play the match, but e still never dey sure if Eric Bailly go play. As for Pogba, nothing fit make am play tomorrow.

‘Jones dey fit and yin go play. I dey wait to see if Bailly go fit play. No way for Maazi Pogba to play tomorrow.’

Lastly Mourinho bin vess when Reporters ask am about Harry Kane: ‘Harry who? Abeg no dey worry me. Y u dey ask me about person wey don injure. I be doctor?’




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