Manchester United versus Tottenham. Make we look into Spurs Matter before we knack them.

Last week we lose to Huddersfield so I no go even take draw against Tottenham. This match na the biggest match for our season so far. Any result wey we get apart from win no good because ManCity go just dey stretch the gap dey go. And beating rival be like extra points on top 3 points. So how we go take beat Tottenham?

First of all, tottenham good wella. They be the beat away team this season for the league. Na for Wembley they dey get problem. But we be best for home too and we solid for old Trafford. So the match dey finely balanced. Their manager dey get him tactics right most atimes but him go fail tomorrow (hopefully). Even some fans dey call for the manager to replace Jose for old Trafford. Sense fall on all of the people wey talk am. This no be where I wan argue who better pass but at him age, Baba Jose don win Champions League and plenty league titles.

Their tactics dey vary depending on who they dey play. They don learn to play 5-3-2 against big teams. E dey help them defend well, get better midfiels as 3 people dey there and attack well too because Kane and one other person dey there. The wingbacks dey provide their width and plenty runners dey the midfield. They also sabi counter because of their skillful forward players.

Unto injuries, tottenham dey follow us dey compete who go get injury pass. But the biggest issue be say, Kane na doubt for the match. Other absentees for them na Dembele, Wanyama, Lamela and Davies. But they dey cope with the players wey them dey use play since so e no too matter. The way they blow Hugging FC away last week make some people fear them.


But our defense don dey return and our injuries don dey lessen so I dey confident say we go collect 3 points against Tottenham on Saturday! Make we ginger!!!!


Wetin you think?

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