Five things wey we observe as Manchester United knack Tottenham 1-0


Manchester United don put pressure on PL leaders Man City after dem knack Totteham 1-0 at Old Trafford. The person wey score for United na Anthony Martial in the 81st minute, after Romelu Lukaku head ball give am when Spurs defence fall asleep.

We wan talk about the five things wey we observe for the match:

The first thing wey we observe na say Manchester United bin contain Tottenham in the first half, then dey con unleash their wrath against dem in second half. If say Romelu Lukaku dey on form self, this match for don finish like 3-0 because e bin miss some big chances. Dey get one ball wey Lukaku head wey knack post, i don already shout ‘Goal Ball’ but e no enter. Then Mkhi con feed am ball but e no fit convert am.


The second thing wey we observe na say Jose Mourinho bin defeat Pochettino tactically today. Some bad belle people go talk say na because Harry Kane no play, but those same people suppose realise say Paul Pogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and ko self dey injured. The way Tottenham bin set up make sense for first half as dem bin pressure United (Dem start slow but dey later begin control game). But when 2nd half con reach, Pochettino con remove Son and Sissoko and e replace dem with Llorente and Dembele. I no know wetin e bin dey expect from them, but na the opposite wey dem do. Mourinho on the other hand, bin remove Rashford and Mkhi and e replace dem with Martial and Lingard. Na Martial score winning goal. When Mourinho bin remove Rashford for Martial, many fans bin dey complain because dey bin want make e remove Lukaku for Martial, as Rashford ball fire today. But as God want am, na Lukaku wey do assist for Martial.


Another thing wey we observe na say Manchester United’s defence bin play wella today. Dem impress me. Chris Smalling, Phil Jones and Eric Bailly bin dey defensively solid. The person wey we wan hail pass na Ashley Young, almost everything wey e do today, dey outstanding. For Defence, E dey, for attack, e dey. We gats buy Champagne for Young o, e shock me with mad performance.

Another thing wey we observe na say Henrikh Mkhiyaryan bin struggle again today, as most of hin passes bin dey go astray. Ball wey e suppose give Rashford, e go feed Lukaku… Ball wey e suppose give Lukaku, e go feed Rashford..Hin first half display bin dey very poor but e con improve second half, before Mourinho sub am off. We no sabi wetin make Mkhi’s form fall, mayb na the Pogba injury, we no know. We dey pray make e find hin form so e fit epp us catch Man City.

Luke Shaw’s Manchester United career dey over as hin relationship don spoil with Mourinho

The last thing wey we observe na say Manchester United midfield bin dey average. If we go dey honest, na long ball we use take win today, as na David de Gea feed Lukaku, wey feed Martial for the goal. For tackling, dem try. But for holding ball, dem no too try. We dey pray make Pogba or Fellaini come back so power fit return back to our midfield. Right now, we go manage Herrera and Matic but dem no dey control games.


Wetin you think?

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