Players report card ManUtd 1 vs Tottenham 0

After the big L wey we chop last week, e only dey right say we suppose bounce back to winning ways with today game.

As usual, bad belle people don dey already wait as na Tottenham we go play say na dem be the 1st real team wey we go play and say dem go tear our yansh but God pass dem and na we win the game. This one don keep us back for 2nd position for table with better balance and na only our neighbors we dey look for 1st now.

Na the players report card be this, make una enjoy am

DeGea : another excellent performance from am. This goalkeeper work don dey tire am as he too sabi so today he enter another dimension as na him release pass from post to Lukaku wey head am on for Martial for the match only goal. I give am 6

Smalling : he hold him side today. No plenty shaky-shaky. He make sure say he handle all the attackers well. I give am 6

Jones : he make some few mistakes for the game but he cover up for am. Him tackles for the game make sense, especially for the 2nd half. I give am 6

Bailly : him presence today help both Smalling and Jones compose well. He really help coordinate the defence well. I give am 7

Young : he make sure say Dele Alli no operate at all. He frustrate am well and when that one Wan use style work card for am, young just ignore am. Him performance today na why I give am my man of the match. I give am 8

Valencia : Oga bodyguard, he play ball well today abeg. If to say that him shot enter ehn, dem for hear am. He make sure say he no let them rest for that wing as he dey go come like police wey dey patrol. I give am 6

Matic : another good performance to show himself. He win plenty tackles and balance the midfield for us. I give am 7

Herrera : I never know wetin to really talk about am. He suppose show himself for the is match but he no shine. He just dey do basic stuff. He need to upgrade him game well. I give am 5

Mkhitaryan : too many faulty and weak pass. He spoil some sweet counter attack moves wey we get. Him form don wash like Ankara wey dem soak for bleach. I give am 4

Rashford : he try for the match. That him free kick wey worry Lloris and the way he run their defenders ragged. I give am 6

Lukaku : he no too get balls for attacking positions  but I go blame am for him positioning. And some simple balls wey he for pass but he go wan hold ball and he go lose am. Need to work on him passes too. I give am 6

Substitutes :

Lingard: clear chance wey he for take write him name for gold but he dey gallop as usual till he play ball go up like say he Wan launch rocket. I give am 5

Martial : he do him job. 1 chance, 1 goal. Kill them all! Better player. Even though he no do too much but he do enough. I give am 7

Darmian : I no think say him leg touch ball self. Na just to waste time dem put am for.

Na the players report card be that, so make we dey prepare for our next game. I hope by then all our injured players go don come back. Make we try blend the team finish. Till then, make una remember say #UNITEDWESTAND

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