Neville: The person wey sell Matic to Manchester United deserve sack letter from Chelsea


Former Reds defender Phil Neville believe say Chelsea dey craze for selling Nemanja Matic to Manchester United.

Phil Neville believe say the person wey decide make Chelsea sell Matic deserve sack letter. This na wetin e yarn after Roma knack the blues 3-0 in Champions League.

For Premier League, Chelsea don lose 3 matches out of 10 already and dem dey nine points behind Manchester City and the Reds Legend believe say na Matic’s absence dey cause am.

“Wetin don go wrong for Chelsea? One word, na Matic,” na wetin Neville yarn for BBC.

“E dey simple. How dem go sell Matic? Una dey craze? How una go make that kind mistake?”

“When Matic bin dey siddon infront of the defence, alongside N’golo Kante, dey bin protect the defence. The person wey decide say make dem sell am, deserve sack letter. Na one of the poorest decisions wey i don see for Premier League in my life.”

“Bakayoko no sabi play defensive midfield, e no be that player jare. Dem no replace Matic. If say i dey Chelsea, i for don use chain, tie hin leg so e no go commot.”


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