Players report card ManUtd 2 vs Benfica 0



The 2nd leg of our UCL journey with Benfica come up yesterday and all we need na just straight win to cement our leg for the round of 16. Our boys no disappoint as we knack them 2-0 and we don move enter the round of 16.

We no really impress for the first half of the game but truth be say we get the main thing wey matter, we win the game and progress.

Na the players report card be this, make una enjoy am

DeGea : na him be the man of the match for me, he really make sure say he no allow any yamayama as Goncalves bin wan test am with one fine shot but he fly like edo winsh punsh am commot. Him form never drop for games since season start. I give am 7

Darmian : he just dey average for the game as he no even try pepper the Benfica defence at all with any runs. He do him job but nothing extra. I give am 5

Bailly : he be like say him brain off or him mind no dey the game. Small thing he almost dash Benfica goal, plus the push wey he push one player for box. He get luck say dem no give am card/ give dem penalty. I give am 5

Smalling : he try self for this game, even though him brain no click on how to move go forward but at least he do him job for defence. I give am 6

Blind : Mr Jeje, he try move forward to assist the team but no be with much effort as i expect. Goodthing be say he also score from the penalty wey we get. I give am 6

Matic : na him connect midfield with attack and provide cover for the defence. Him shot na wetin bring our first goal even though na own goal dem count am as. He need one very vibrant partner for midfield to assist am. I give am 7

McTominay : i like how he play. Just keep it simple. He no try overdo, just win ball, pass , move enter space, receive ball, pass. This good for him confidence as a young player. I give am 6

Mata :  he dey absent for this game for a player of him caliber. I expect am to run things for games for us but na just minimal effect he get for the match. I give am 5

Lingard : abeg, make we move to other things.

Martial : na him be the only player wey be like threat when he hold ball for us. He really pepper their defenders and as such get penalty. He no score sha but all in all i give am 6

Lukaku : he try to oppress the Benfica defenders with him power but him ball work na problem. Even when he shakara dem ,him pass na kpef. I no go too blame am cos na our midfielders no try send am better ball. I give am 6


Mkhitaryan : he enter for Lingard but God know say no difference between two of them. Mkhitaryan case don tire me. He need to step up him game otherwise……… I give am 5

Herrera : he try ginger the midfield small make dem for fit dey move forward. He also help Matic to get balance for the midfield. I give am 6

Rashford : the birthday boy, he enter and e no tey before he wahala dem and win penalty for us.I give am 6

Na the players report card be that, we apologize say e come late small but as oyinbo go talk “better late than never”. Until our next match this weekend ,make una remember say #UNITEDWESTAND

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