Safety Tips as Manchester United wan face Chelsea

Chelsea and Manchester United go face each other on Sunday and no be small matter as fans go take am P.

If Chelsea win, no wahala as most United fans dey calm but if United win ehn, serious wahala dey and if you go dey run your mouth, you fit chop beating.

Firstly, if you dey watch the match for viewing centre, if the Reds score, you fit rejoice but no scream too much or person fit forget blow for your face or e go break star bottle on your head.

Secondly, no follow anybody argue. If you and another person no dey gree, just keep shut. Person wey no wan listen, no go listen so you just dey waste your saliva.

Thirdly, no go start wetin you no fit finish. For example, If Chelsea dey lead and person dey yab United and e dey pain you, my advise to you na to swallow the pain. If you go start fight wey you no fit finish, dem go beat you blue black.


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