Chelsea versus Manchester United; Make we reason Chelsea matter before we knack them on Sunday.

On Sunday, we go go Agberos their home. Na the best time to go their home be this. They no dey form, Kante no dey available and even him dey, he no go dey 100% fit and they dey really down. Na we go just decide the type of game we need to play to get the points we need.

We no even need do preview for any match against Chelsea; we sabi them, and they sabi us. Na who go turn up on Sunday be the main thing. Jose Mourinho need to provide better tactics for us to win and him go wan make Agberos vex more. Playing 3 people for inside midfield just as Roma do and man-mark Hazard fit just be the overall solution to win.


We no fit lose this match because we go dey just one point ahead of them and ManCity go dey go far ahead. So make we ginger win this match. I no fit wait for Sunday seff. Make we ginger!



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