Players report card Chelsea 1 vs ManUtd 0

The Mourinho vs Conte wahala continue yesterday as we waka go Stamford Bridge go play wetin be the game wey go let us close gap between us and our noisy neighbors, Manchester City.
The match don receive plenty hype based on say Mourinho don talk plenty about him old club Chelsea and the fans self don dey wait am. 

The match start well as the two clubs show say dem really Wan win the game, whenever they hold ball na to try come front see if chance go show to knack goal. 

Anyway, the match end for their favour but I wonder why we wait till 10 minutes to the end of the game before we come turn up dey play like say we go die if goal no come. 

Na the players report card be this, make una enjoy am

DeGea : he no do anything wrong for the game. Him ability, nobody fit question am. The goal wey he concede, even if 3 keeper dey for post e go still enter. I give am 6

Bailly : he don dey appear lost for games nowadays. Him concentration don dey fall. But, I go still rate am cis of some nice tackles wey he help win. I give am 6

Jones : he get luck say dem no count the own goal wey he score. Plenty times he lose the man wey he suppose mark. He need to step up him game. I give am 5

Smalling : he try tear morata shirt and he get luck too say dem no blow penalty for the foul wey he foul am. He need to learn how to move the ball forward, no be all that yeye side pass. I give am 5

Valencia : he provide width but we no too take advantage until when Fellaini enter. I give am 6

Young : he try for the defence but him link play with Rashford no really gel. Him crosses too na “to whom it may concern” plenty pass. I give am 5

Mkhitaryan : I no dey impressed at all with am. He need to dey make serious impact for these kind games. Na just average performance he get. I give am 4

Herrera : good tackles but when e reach time to go forward, he no deliver. I dey feel say na bcos he no man-mark for the match. I give am 5

Matic : even though he lose ball on some occasions, na him still be the one wey try move us forward for the game. I give am 6

Rashford : except for him corners and free kick, he no add the energy wey we need for the wing as we expect. I give am 5

Lukaku : hold up play na zero also when he Wan try move runs  with ball, he go run forget ball for back or middle of him leg. He need serious work on him ball handling. I give am 4
Substitutes :

Martial : the effect no really bang. Maybe if to say he start the match things for different. I give am

Fellaini : he lose the ball and make some very faulty pass wey for cost us another goal but NA when he run enter their box we come really get chance of scoring.  I give am 5

Lingard : all him own NA to pass to person wey dey him front. No serious intention to try get goal..

Na the report card be that, I dey vex for the result of the game sha, this one mean say we need to reshuffle our team make we fit keep up with the leaders. Until then, make una remember say #UNITEDWESTAND 


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