Wetin make United lose yesterday? Why Lukaku never end goal drought?

Manchester United lose their second game this season yesterday as dem play Chelsea and plenty people dey wonder wetin dey happen to United against big teams.

Before the Chelsea game, fans been dey expect us to win Chelsea the way we manage win against Tottenham but things no happen like that as Morata score to give Chelsea all three points.

Since Pogba and Fellaini go injury, we dey struggle to win teams away, una remember say na four golas wey we bin dey score teams but things don change, we don cast and some players no dey help matters at all.

That Chelsea game, e clear say we no dey fully organized. Ashley Young no impress me at all, the guy fit perform against small teams and knack better performance sometimes but yesterday show us say the guy no be real wing back and we no fit dwell or hope on the guy. Ashley Young  misplace plenty passes yesterday, sometimes e no dey track back at all, mistake e make yesterday go full basket. I no know whether na because of that match or we need to try Daley Blind for that position too.

Henrikh Mkitaryan gats step up too, after the five assists e knack when season start, baba form don fall like Naira. Yesterday, Mkhitaryan dey run everywhere like say dem use quality jazz hold am, the guy no add anything to the game at all, I come dey wonder if hin be the same person wey start this season. No be only yesterday match sef, the guy last 5 games na dust e play. But i happy say Fellaini don come back, make e bench the guy, e don play rubbish too much.

Phil Jones mistake yesterday na hin make Morata score, the guy leave Jones comot go midfield area. We see say Mourinho vex well well, na hin make am remove Jones shaparly to show am say wetin e play no make sense at all. I dey feel say e go dey war them wella, Rojo don show and if anybody make mistake, e go sitdon for bench.

Why Lukaku never score sef? Wetin dey happen?


Lukaku  still dey hin goal drought, baba never score since oh and people don dey worry sef. People say e no fit score against big teams, others dey say na Pogba dey help am score. The thing be say Pogba na very important player for that midfield, e dey drag plenty players to himself before e distribute ball to free players who go come create for Lukaku (that na if no be hin create am by himself).

Lukaku  no be complete striker wey people dey think, before we buy am, i know the type of player hin be. If you no create for Lukaku, e no go score. Lukaku no be player wey dey rescue team when una play rubbish, everybody gats play well for him to shine, na that the kind of player e be.

Fellaini don come back yesterday, e fit drag all the attention for Midfield to create space for our attackers, make we dey say, e sure me say Lukaku go score in the next two games. Plenty better things go happen this season, some never happen. I never give up, make we support the team and things go better.

Manchester United for Life!!!

U fit yarn me wetin u feel for twitter ontop @clintonspel


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