Anthony Martial dun reveal how Jose Mourinho turn am from Pikin to Beast

Manchester united forward Anthony Martial yarn say Manager Jose Mourinho ‘tough love’ dun play biggie role for hin improvement this season.

As dem ask am if Mourinho tough love dun get desire effect, Martial yarn the Premier League: “Hin dey hard with all of us and hin dey hard with me, question no dey dah level.

“But I know say na for my own benefit. But I con know say hin really like me as a person, so issue no dey ontop the discipline being for the wrong reasons.

“But the objective, of course, na to get all of us in kanpe condition, and to dey fit wella to play every match and na watin i dey hoping to do be that.

“At the beginning we no know each other too well, but over time we con get to know each other wella.

“Hin know my strengths and my weakness, as dem dey, but the outcome be say we dey learn to give everything the right way.”


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