Players report card ManUtd 4 vs Newcastle 1

After the long international break, action resume for EPL yesterday and all the teams know say NA straight win dem need to fit even talk say dem Wan try catch up with leaders ManCity.

Our own game na against Newcastle but wetin sweet we fans pass NA say Pogba, Rojo and Zlatan don fit and dem dey bench for the game. 

The match start with us pressing dem but before we fit say kpekem, Newcastle don score and na so dem spoil our record of not conceding a goal for old Trafford this season. As e be, na dem use their hand draw rain and as dem score dem use basket carry 4 goals go house. The match show wetin we don miss for Pogba throughout him injury period.

Na the player report card be this, make una enjoy am 

DeGea : him clean sheet record for old Trafford dis season don spoil but we no go blame am for the goal. He also make some good saves for the game and he keep him composure. I give am 6

Smalling : he never still stable for defence whenever he dey play with anybody except Bailly. He try for the match as he also score one goal and he no too do plenty passes go back. I give am 6

Lindelof : him go work hard to fit prove him worth to fit get place for the team. He no really know wetin he dey do as he dey out of him position many times for the game and he dey show say he dey shake. Na him cause the first goal wey we chop. I give am 4

Valencia : he try well for the match as he help dey cover the leak wey Lindelof dey cause and he still dey try run go front to try help the attack. He for get one assist for the match but Lukaku just Lukaku am. I give am 6

Young : he try well for the match, he also help balance the defence and move forward. He provide one assist and him runs forward dey noticed. I give am 6

Mata : he dey silent for the game. Na just minimal effort he dey put. He no cause kata-kata and he no too do anything wey for really change the game. I give am 5

Matic : he first dey find the game hard but as he settle he come gel well for the game. I give am 6

Pogba : him return show wetin we don miss. He really run the game from start to finish. Na why he get one goal and one assist. I give am 8

Martial : he run their defence rugged and he also get one goal for the match. We fans really happy to see him and Rashford start game. Dem no disappoint us. I give am 7

Rashford : he play well for the game although him and Martial first dey play some selfish football but as the game go on dem give their self brain. Him soft header assist for Pogba goal dey on point.  I give am 6

Lukaku : he play well for the match as he make sure say he dey move from attack even enter wing and him hold up play dey good. He wan spoil net with the goal wey he score. Better shot. I give am 6


Fellaini : he do some sweet passes and turn wey me self shock. He also try wan get goal for the game. Overall, I give am 6

Zlatan : senior player, he no really do much cos he just dey come from injury but he do some sweet pass for the game and that him acrobatic kick wey keeper save. I give am 6

Herrera : he enter to come stabilize the game and he deliver. I give am 6

Now na to focus on how we fit try catch up with the leaders, our neighbors to try close the gap for top of the table. We also get UCL games to look forward to and I know say as our senior players don return now, nothing but the best na wetin dem go deliver. Until our next game, make we remember say #UNITEDWESTAND 

Wetin you think?

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