Juan Mata’s #MondayMotivation: “Na our high moral epp our comeback vs Newcastle”


Manchester United midfielder Juan Mata don come again with another episode of hin weekly Monday blog and we dey here to translate am for una:

My People how una dey,

Last Saturday, many matches bin happen and very soon Christmas go soon knack and many games go just dey happen like water. We gats try our best if we wan survive am. Now wey Paul, Ibra and Rojo don come back, na good news for us as we go need our full squad in the competition. E bin sweet me to see say Ibra and Paul ontop pitch again after their long woundjures. E sure me say dem go epp us wella.

The truth be say the win wey we get last Saturday dey very special because na comeback. For most of the matches, na we dey score first, con win. Against Newcastle, na dem first score us and then we con ginger knack dem apako. E show say our moral dey high. Newcastle sabi play ball, but we manage knack dem because all of us join body, play better ball.


Now we go play three matches in seven games. First, we dey travel go Switzerland to face Basel in the Champions League. E sure me say the game go tough but we go knack dem.

When Saturday reach, we go face Brighton for Old Trafford, my paddy Bruno Saltor dey play for dem self. Na this season, dey begin play Premier League football and so far, dem dey try. We know say e no dey easy to knack any team this season, but we go try knack dem because e dey very important.

I wan leave una now,

Make una enjoy una week,





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