‘Manchester United no go look down on Brighton & Hove Albion’ – Marcus Rashford


Marcus Rashford dey believe say Manchester United don learn from the defeat wey happen against Huddersfield as dem dey prepare to face Brighton on Saturday.

“I dey reason say small hole bin dey inside our boxers for first half against Newcastle, na because of the way we bin try play,” na wetin Rashford yarn.

“When you dey play attacking football, e mean say you gats sacrifice some other things wey you need. The koko na make we dey attack when we dey wear iron pant.”


“I dey reason say we gats start fast. Against Huddersfield, we bin start slow and na wetin kill us. Before we sabi wetin dey happen, dey don already score two goals. As dey con dey lead, everybody for their team con dey defend and e bin dey hard to break dem down.”

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“Brighton dey try and i know say the match go tough,” Rashford still dey yarn. “I dey reason say when teams enter Premier League from Championship, dey go try find demselves. As you dey see, Brighton dey improve self.”

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“We no go underestimate dem. We know say the match go tough but we dey ready.”



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