Manchester United star Michael Carrick bin get heart problem but e don well now


Michael Carrick don reveal the reason why e bin miss many games for Manchester United this season. Na ontop hin Instagram account wey e talk say e bin get heart problem, wey e notice during Burton clash. 

We don translate hin story to pidgin:

I just wan clear the air because many people dey ask me why i never play for Manchester United for some months now. In September, when i bin dey play against Burton for second half, something bin dey do me for chest. Later, i con go run plenty tests for hospital. Doctors con tell me say the way my heart dey beat no dey normal, say e dey abnormal. Then i con do one procedure wey dem dey call ‘Cardiac Ablation’.

So i bin gats build up my fitness level small small while doctors bin dey observe me. But i dey feel fine now. I wan assure everybody say i dey fine now, make una no panic. I dey work hard and i dey train with the team now. I hope say i fit build up my fitness level so Jose Mourinho fit consider me for selection.

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