#MondayMotivation by Juan: This Week go tough but we go survive am

Juan Mata don come again with another weekly episode of hin Monday blog and we dey here to translate am for una:

My People, How body,

This week go hard sha. On Tuesday, we dey wakka go play Watford. Time no even dey for person to rest yansh small. Na the problem with professional football be that, when dem pack your matches like sardine, you gats focus well so you fit do well.

Also, tomorrow match go hard onto say Watford na one of the hardest teams to knack for Premier League, na why dem dey eight position for table. The truth be say, no match dey easy for Premier League. See as Brighton almost change am for us last weekend. We know say we no play well but we wakka commot with three points.

After Watford, the next team wey we go face na Arsenal, another away match and na only four days dey between the two games. E mean say we dey travel go London twice be that this week, na part of the game sha. E sure me say enough rotation go happen this week so everybody gats focus well.

Lastly, i wan hail Michael Carrick wey bin pass through hard times this season with hin heart problem. We thank God say e dey well now, so e go fit epp us for the rest of the season.

We go see later na,



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