Yomi na Manchester United fan, na Yoruba demon, E shatter my heart – @Scilla_xx


As day break na hin we dey hear gist about one of our Manchester United fans, wey dem dey call Yomi aka ‘Yoruba Demon’. If say no be United fan, we for no carry the gist but as we hear say na Red Devils fan, we go table hin matter. Although we never hear hin side of the story as na Prisca own side we don hear. 

We go translate her own version to pidgin: 

“For those of una wey no dey my snapchat, i get tori. This na the first time wey i go talk about my personal life ontop twitter. One boy (Yomi, Manchester United) don mess up and i no get respect for am again. E fit do anything wey hin make, e no consign me.”

“So i don dey date this boy for seven months (Online relationship). I just say make i dey scroll ontop my instagram, na hin i see hin real girlfriend’s instagram handle and the thing wey pain me pass na say dem dey celebrate three years anniversary. The thing pain me ehn, dey bin travel go celebrate am self.”

“This man dey always look for chance to fight me. This time, me and am bin dey quarrel because e carry one girl go holiday and i bin dey question am but e talk say na only hin paddy (Common female friend) wey e carry. E bin talk say e wan do conference call but i tell am say make e fashi.”

“Ehen, so i bin dey scroll on IG and i con see one man wey resemble my boyfriend and for the caption ‘Na the best three years for my life be this’. When i first see am ehn, i con turn the phone and i bin dey doubt am say ‘No be my man now. Then i con see another picture ‘Ahh Mogbe, Na my man o.”

“So i con investigate, as i be FBI agent. I bin find out her contact details, her mama contact details, all join. First, i bin call one number wey i think say na her own but na her mama pic up (The girl na Ghanaian babe). So i con lie to her mama say i be her friend so i go fit collect her number. I don send the girl, many DMs (I bin wan tell her say Her Boyfriend na my Boyfriend, and my Boyfriend na her boyfriend).”

“Ehen, as i bin find out and i con confront am but e block me on Instagram and Snapchat. The thing wey funny pass for the whole story, na say me and the babe get the same name. The boy sabi lie for Africa self. Two weeks ago, the boy bin dey tell me say hi ex don get new boyfriend, say dem no dey talk again. How you go call her ‘Your ex’. Me and am bin go the same secondary school self but since the time wey we begin date, we never see physically. ”




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