Five Things wey we observe as Bristol City knack Manchester United 2-1: Public Disgrace


If person for tell me say i go bury my head in shame after this match, i for no believe but na wetin happen as Bristol City bin knack Manchester United 2-1. The people wey score for Bristol na Joe Bryan and Korey Smith, while na Zlatan Ibrahimovic score for the Reds. Now the Reds don jah at the hand of second tier team, na public disgrace.

Oh well, we wan talk about the five things wey we observe for the shameful defeat:

The first thing wey we observe na say Manchester United bin dey disjointed thoughout the game. At one point, i con think say na FC Barcelona we dey play because dem ball us fire. Whether na Matic’s absence wey expose us, or na lack of passion, i no sabi but the truth be say, na one of the worst performances wey i don watch. Bristol bin win the game, and the sad truth na say, dem deserve am.


Another thing wey we observe na say Daley Blind and Matteo Darmian don expose demselves for the Frauds wey dem be. These two men no dey add value to United as we wan declare say we dey auction dem on United’s behalf next summer. Dem two play total rubbish. The way Bristol players dey send dem go message, i confuse. If dem con jam Messi, wetin go happen?

Another thing wey we observe na say Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford bin no do enough. Fashi say Rashford bin knack post with one of hin shots, and e bin also force the keeper to make save, the truth be say e no influence the game. Martial’s own worse, e just dey lose possession. Dem go give am ball inside box, make e play shot and e go dey count leg.

Another thing wey we observe na say Sergio Romero don show why e dey roast for bench. We know say e bin make some good saves today but the number of errors wey hin do today plenty. Whether na because Bristol Players dey pressure am, i no know but the truth be say e bin dey shaky.

The last thing wey we observe na say Zlatan Ibrahimovic dey very rusty. Fashi say e score goal, e spoil plenty balls and the goal wey e score na luck. Hin overall performance na rubbish, Mkhi bin impact the match but hin influence no fit provide goal. One of the few positives na say Romelu Lukaku bin also dey sharp when e enter. If no be for their keeper, e for don score.


Wetin you think?

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