Juan Mata’s blog: “We no try for Christmas but we go bounce back in 2018”


Today na Monday and we don come again with another Weekly episode of Juan Ikeji’s blog. Before we start, we go like tell una say we don join Snapchat and our official username na ManUtdinPidgin.

Ehen back to the tori wey consign Mata, na hin message for una be this:

“My people how una dey?

First ehn, i go like wish una Happy New Year. Na the first time wey i don write post on January 1st. I remember say i don write post on 31st before but na my first time be this. I hope say una dey jolly dey go. I dey write una from the hotel wey we dey chill ahead of the match wey we get against Everton. The people wey i dey flex with na David, Ander and Emilio Alvarez.

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I sabi say Christmas no make sense for United fans onto say we bin draw three games in a row. The koko na say we gats return back to our winning ways in 2018, na wetin i wish for be that. We sabi say we fall una hands, we self dey feel sad. But the only way we fit improve na if we stick together. If we do am, e no sure if we go win but we go try our best.



We no go get Romelu Lukaku against Everton because of the wound wey e pick up against Southampton. E dey feel fine and i dey hope say e go join us soon. I dey wish una well this year. Una go blow this year. I thank una for support.

Make we hug,




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