Jose Mourinho: Paul Scholes dey jealous Pogba because e no get money like am.

Una sabi say e don tey wey Paul Scholes dey criticize Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba as e bin dey talk say Pogba no dey try enough. E also talk say Mourinho dey use the French international too deep.

Na Paul Pogba wey run the show as Manchester United give Everton 2-0 on Monday night, now Jose Mourinho don hit back at the United Legend as e talk say Paul Scholes na broke man wey dey jealous Paul Pogba.

“Na everytime these pundits go dey run their mouth like bitter old men,” na wetin Jose yarn. “Make Scholes just admit say e dey pain am say e dey media house. If e fit choose, e go dey work for Manchester United.”

“Scholes dey jealous Pogba because no get money like am.”


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