Five things wey we observe as Manchester United knack Burnley 1-0


The first time wey Manchester United face Burnley for Premier League this season, on boxing day, na 2-2 wey e end but now the Red Devils don knack dem 1-0 for Turf Moor. The person wey score for the Reds na Anthony Martial. Presently, the Reds dey on 53 points, while Chelsea dey on 50 points.

We wan talk about the five things wey we observe for the game:

The first thing wey we observe for the game na say Manchester United no play well for first half. Thee half bin dey very poor as na only two times wey the Reds manage break down Burnley defence but the chances no dey on target. The first one na from Ashley Young, while the second one na before ref blow half-time whistle, Pogba and Martial bin link up well but Martial’s shot bin fly wide. We sha thank God say the first half no dey as poor as the one wey happen for Old Trafford on boxing day.

The second thing wey we observe na say our defenders Phil Jones and Chris Smalling bin dey shake for first half, but dey con stabilize for second half. Even though dem no give Burnley any goal scoring chance for first half, Jones and Smalling bin dey disastrous on the ball as their sloppy passes bin dey put United under pressure. But dem two impress me for second half, Smalling bin make one world class deflection wey deny Burnley tap-in attempt. Jones on the other hand, just dey clear everything wey come hin way.

Another thing wey we observe na say Romelu Lukaku don improve on hin link up play. The last two games wey Lukaku don play, hin link up play na world class. Today e con wrap am up with the assist wey e give Anthony Martial. We just dey pray make e continue like this.

Another thing wey we observe na say Manchester United bin win this game because of Jose Mourinho’s tactical decision. When e see say Burnley dey pressure United, e con replace Juan Mata with Fellaini, wey stabilize the midfield. For the few minutes wey Fellaini play, e pour cold water ontop the fire wey Burnley midfield get. Later when Herrera con enter for Lingard, my heart con dey at rest as i know say we go win.


The last thing wey we observe na say Paul Pogba’s selfishness for don cost Manchester United three points. For second half, United for don make am 2-0 during one counter attack wey Pogba create all by himself. The only thing wey remain na make e do assist for Martial (wey dey hin left) or Lukaku (wey dey hin right). But hin village people switch off hin brain, and e con shoot ball wey knack Burnley defender commot. We dey thank God say we no draw because people for don look back at that chance.

Wetin you think?

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