‘Na hin last big contract’ – Wenger believe say Sanchez dey join Manchester United for money

Arsene Wenger believe say the Chile man dey after big money, say na why the guy no renew hin contract at the Emirates Stadium.
Arsenal boss don claim say the reason wey make Alexis Sanchez wakka enter Manchester United na money. The 29-year-old bin conclude hin medical on Sunday and we dey hear reports say United go announce am officially on Monday. As Sanchez dey move go Old Trafford, Mkhitaryan dey move in the opposite direction to Emirates.


The rumour wey dey fly around town na say Sanchez’s weekly salary at United go be £450,000.

Wenger talk say e no know why Alexis Sanchez no renew hin contract but e believe say money na the major reason, say as United tempt am with big money, e gree.

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“I no fit understand why person wey get sense go wan leave Emirates, but i don dey hear for 30 years so i sabi as human beings dey behave,” na wetin Wenger yarn.


“As hin be pro, e fit be hin last big contract at top level, na why e accept am. Wetin una wan make i do? The guy talk say e wan commot, i no fit stop am. We go analyze the whole thing later sha, whether na we lose or gain.”

“Even Man City bin offer am big money but e no gree, so if e reject City, na our chicken fee e wan gree for?. Mbanu now.”


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