Five Things wey we observe as Tottenham destroy Manchester United 2-0


Na sad night for Manchester United fans as the Reds lose 2-0 against Tottenham. As everything take be now, the Reds dey 15 points behind Man City. Make i dey honest, City don carry League jare. United still dey second for table as Bournemouth knack Chelsea 3-0 for Stamford bridge.

Make we sha talk about the five things wey we observe for the game.

The first thing wey we observe na say Jose Mourinho na tactical moron tonight. We no know why e play Anthony Martial for RW and e use Sanchez for LW. See ehn, Martial bin dey useless for RW. For second half, Mourinho con change am back to LW but e no impact d game, na the same rubbish wey e do for first half, that e continue for second half.

The second thing wey we observe na say the substitutions wey Jose Mourinho make against Tottenham na waste. First, Juan Mata and Fellaini bin enter for Lingard and Pogba. Later, Fellaini con wound and Herrera con enter for am. Juan Mata no do anything for the match, Herrera self na pipe. But we notice say Tottenham con dey play more freely after Pogba commot. But Pogba self no play well when e dey on the pitch.

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Another thing wey we observe na say Romelu Lukaku no try at all today. For the most part, e bin dey isolated but all the times wey ball reach am, e spoil am. The only time wey e try, na when e bin force Lloris to make save, to prevent am from scoring. Apart from that, na horrible performance from am.

Another thing wey we observe na say Manchester United defence na pure water tonight. Chris Smalling, Phil Jones and Ashley Young play rubbish. But the person wey play rubbish pass na Phil Jones. Na hin own goal wey kill us completely. I no even know why Mourinho dey rate Young over Shaw. E no make sense at all.


The last thing wey we observe na say all round, na horrible team performance. No fighting spirit dey self. The match bin dey very easy for Tottenham. If no be for God, this match for end like 4-0 or 5-0.


2 thoughts on “Five Things wey we observe as Tottenham destroy Manchester United 2-0

  1. No true unable talk, today game na rubbish and the only person wey somehow disturb tot defense mou come comot am (lingard) make mou learn from porch as despite say him set win em no tell his players make dem defend as mou dey do

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