Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho don heap praises on Scott McTominay


Red Devils boss Jose Mourinho don admit say the reason why e dey play Scott McTominay more these days, na because the boy don make hin trust am.

McTominay bin start against Huddersfield and Sevilla. As e play well, Mourinho don yarn say e trust am and e go develop am to star player, as e sabi say the boy get potential.

“I no fit dash person my trust. No be manager suppose trust player. Na the player suppose make the manager trust am. E no hard to understand. The way i take believe in McTominay, e make me believe am,” na wetin Mourinho yarn.

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“Since the time wey e begin join first team for training session, e don start 8 times, and many things dey wey e suppose learn. I sabi when e suppose play, i sabi as hin mind dey think as e dey develop. I know say e go turn star player.”



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