Important message from Man United in Pidgin to Alexis Sanchez

With all the rubbish wey Alexis Sanchez dey play lately, we at Man United in Pidgin wan send am message because hin own don dey too much and e don dey give us headache. When we first sign am, i think say e go cause serious problem for opposition teams but the only thing wey e don do so far na to disjoint the Manchester United team.

One of the major concerns wey i get with Alexis Sanchez na say E no dey shoot enough. I fit count like six or seven times since the time wey e join United, wey e dey for good shooting position but e no shoot. The only thing wey e go do na to chip or e go try do assist, wey defenders go clear. If you shoot, you no go die na. Oya look am, for that Crystal Palace game, na only once wey e shoot throughout the entire game and the ball deflect off defender, con knack bar, drop for Lukaku wey bury am inside net. As e shoot now, shey e no see say e cause havoc?. I no know whether Mourinho tell am say make e no dey shoot or what because when e bin dey Arsenal, e dey shoot up and down. Since the time wey e join us, i no think say e don shoot from outside 18, taah, if i hear.

Another wey dey worry me, na the fact say e dey waste our LW position. Before e come, na Martial and Rashford bin dey fight for that wing and dem two dey cause havoc up and down. As we buy Sanchez, na him wey Mourinho use pass for there but e no sure me say e don dribble any defender self. Hin only pattern na to carry ball, drift in like as if say e dey play No.10… If you wan play behind Lukaku, tell Mourinho na, no dey waste our wing. The thing bin show wella for the Palace game. United bin need width but Sanchez go carry ball run inside and e go try pass give Lukaku but their defenders go collect am. Ashely Young and Antonio Valencia bin make flanck runs many times but Sanchez no go wan give dem ball, instead e go carry ball go where 100 people dey, con lose am. The only time wey e try give Valencia ball, e overkick am sote ball go throwing. Hin Palace performance na total rubbish. E shock me say e play 90 minutes.

Another thing wey we observe na say Alexis Sanchez too dey complain and e dey affect hin game. E go collect ball, person go dey open, instead make e release am quick, e go dey like say e dey fight with hin village people. E go waste time sote opposition player go steal am back.

The last thing wey pain us pass about am na the fact say Sanchez dey play too deep. Dem put my guy for Left-wing, but you go hardly see am for the opposition box. Most times, e go come deep to collect ball, wey e go waste. Make person tell am say we no buy am for deep role, say we buy am to cause havoc. We dey pray make e improve sha because so far, with everything wey e don do for United so far, e suppose dey bench till e understand the Red Devils pattern.


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