Atlantico Madrid captain dun send message to hin teammate Antoine Griezmann

The Frenchman been dun dey heavily linked say hin wan depart from Wanda Metropolitano.

Atletico skippo Gabi yarn: “I understand say no be every player here get Atletico for dem hearts con fit change club and need no dey to dey criticise nor crucify them for am.

Antoine na special player for everyone, we love am wella for dressing room.

Hin dey superior level of skill to the rest of the team and na why hin dey make the difference. When season wan start dem yarn plenty things about am, as Barcelona dey show likes and other teams, wey fit dun confuse am.

All I dey ask of am be say as long as hin dey with us make hin dey play for hin life as hin dey do am at the moment con try to make the difference, because hin be one of the few players for the team wey fit do dah kyn tin.”

Se makeUnited go for Griezmann after dem dun sign Alexis?


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