Five Things wey we observe as Sevilla humble Manchester United 2-1: Sanchez na flop of the season

If person for tell me say Manchester United go shame me for Champions League, i for no believe am, but na wetin happen as Sevilla come Old Trafford. If say Sevilla play gan, i for no even dey ashamed, but na the worst Sevilla side wey i don see in years, but dem still manage beat United 2-1. Oh well, United don pack their bags jah for Old Trafford.

We wan talk about the five things wey we observe for the game:

The first thing wey we observe na say Manchester United bin no play with passion at all. Dem no play with desire. Whether na Mourinho tell dem or not, i no sabi. But the koko na say, dem deserve to jah for the rubbish wey dem play. The fact say dem dey Old Trafford and dem play like that, na public disgrace. The team dey too disjointed. The attack no gel at all. See ehn, na only God save dem say the match no end 3-1, because Sevilla bin miss one on one.

Another thing wey we observe na say Jose Mourinho na to blame for the defeat. How you go start Fellaini, person wey no gree sign new contract for that kind important match?. Before the match start, e talk say e know the reason why e play Fellaini, but as the game start, i no sabi. Baba Fella bin dey lose aerial duels because e no wan jump and e no dominate midfield. Most times, e go leave Matic for midfield and e go run, go front to attack. Fellaini no demand for ball at all, E go just dey hide. With the kind mad game wey McTominay play against Liverpool, e shock me say Mourinho no start am against Sevilla. Again, Rashford bin destroy Liverpool for LW but Mourinho bin use am for RW against Sevilla. Make i dey honest, e struggle for that wing. The best plays wey e bin get for the game, na when e come LW. I don tire to dey complain about Mourinho and the fact say e dey use Sanchez for LW. I no know why Mourinho bin approach the game with defensive mindset.

Another thing wey we observe na say Alexis Sanchez na the flop of the season so far. The Sanchez wey i sabi for Arsenal, dey shoot, dey pressure defence. But the one wey come Manchester United dey fear to take shot. Ball wey e suppose shoot first time, e go touch am. If road clear for am to shoot, e go try chip, spoil am. If dem give am ball, instead make e give hin nearest man, e go wan attempt the impossible and e go lose possession. Against Sevilla, e bin lose ball 42 times. Yet Mourinho go dey start am for LW, like say na hin birth right.

Another thing wey we observe na say, na only Romelu Lukaku play well for our attack and na why e manage score goal. Jesse Lingard bin dey play deep because Fellaini dey overlap, Sanchez wey suppose play LW, bin dey always play too narrow, Rashford worry small but e struggle because the right wing no favour am. Apart from Lukaku ehn, no other outfield player, play well.

The last thing wey we observe na say Ashley Young and Antonio Valencia no play shingbai, attack-wise. Maybe na Mourinho’s tactics again but dem no epp for attack at all. I no know why Luke Shaw no play self. See ehn, i don tire to the complain about United because the number of disjointed performances wey we get this season, don plenty.


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