ESPN FC transfer rater: Willian to United

Jose Mourinho get personal interest for the winger.

Thomas McIlroy for Football Whispers dun reflect ontop some kyn possible transfer: “The Brazilian winger form dun dey improve small small this season, despite say Chelsea sef dey struggle, na hin con be dem best player for dem 3-0 defeat to Barcelona for Wednesday evening.

“When willian arrive for Stamford Bridge for 2013, na Mourinho dey in charge and the Brazilian yarn say e dey totori hin belle as hin go dey tap ball under one of the best managers wey dey this world.

“So hin fit dey interested in anykyn move wey go make am con work with am again. United make hid for Willian last summer, buh dem yarn say hin no dey for sale, buh fit con return with £60m offer.”

ESPN FC rating: 3.4 (1.0 – e no fit happen, 3.0 – hope dey, 5.0 – na done deal).


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