Players’ report card ontop Manchester United 2-0 Brighton

The Red Devils no play well but dem manage knack Brighton 2-0. The Reds striker Romelu Lukaku dey in top form as e don score hin 25th goal of the season. But the man wey win Man of the match na Nemanja Matic as e manage get one goal and one assist.

Meanwhile, we wan rate all our players, ontop how dem take perform against Brighton:

Sergio Romero: E bin make some mad saves wey deny Brighton goal, especially for second half. I go rate am 7/10.

Antonio Valencia: E no epp for attack, e try for defence. I bin expect more from am. I go rate am 3/10.

Luke Shaw: E no too epp for attack but e get hand for the first goal as na him wey give Matic the pass wey e use do assist for Lukaku. I no know why Mourinho commot am at half-time. I go rate am 5/10.

Chris Smalling: E try for defence and e no too lose possession. E bin cover up for Bailly sometimes. I go rate am 6/10.

Eric Bailly: E try wella for defence as e block road and e no gree make Brighton players pass am. I go rate am 7/10.

Scott McTominay: E too dash possession away but e bin epp for defence as e give Brighton players close marking. I go rate am 5/10.

Nemanja Matic: Na one of hin best United performances so far this season. E carry the match for head like say na do or die affair. If no be for am, i no dey sure say we go win the match self because most of our attackers no try. I go rate am 9/10.

Juan Mata: Apart from the fast one-two movement wey e do with Martial for first half, e no epp for attack. I go rate am 5/10.

Anthony Martial: I bin dey expect more from am but e fall my hand. E no suffer Brighton defenders at all. I go rate am 5/10.

Jesse Lingard: Since the time wey hin girlfriend Jena Frumes break up with am, e don return back to average player. I go rate am 4/10.

Romelu Lukaku: E no try for second half as e bin dey lose ball cheaply but i still gats hail am as na him wey break the deadlock for first half. I go rate am 7/10.

Bench Warmers

Marcus Rashford: I go rate am 5/10 but i no go blame am as e no play for long.

Ashley Young: E bin enter at half-time for Shaw and hin own na error. Na hin wing leak pass and e no epp for attack. I go rate am 3/10.

I no fit rate Fellaini as na only few minutes wey e play.

Wetin you think?

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