Jesse Lingard and Lionel Messi dey visit the same Babalawo

Before this 2017/18 season, one of the most hated academy player na Jesse Lingard as many United fans bin dey wonder why Mourinho and the previous manager (Van Gaal) give am chance, say e no dey play anything.

If no be for the winning FA Cup final goal wey Lingard score that year, e sure me say some fans for don track am down to beat shege, so e no go fit play again. But the way Lingard take rise dis season, e don silence all hin haters. E ball sote e don dey keep Tottenham’s Dele Ali for England bench. The last interational duty wey happen, Lingard bin bag one goal and assist and na bench wey Ali dey throughout. If e continue like this, na him go dey start World Cup, while Ali go dey bench.

We at MUIP don investigate the matter and we don find out say Lingard dey visit the same Babalawo wey Messi dey go. The only difference be say Messi get permanent shine, while Lingard own na temporary. Na wetin make Jena Frumes dump Lingard self, as she find out say e dey go shrine, she pick race.

Wetin you think?

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