Five Things wey we observe as Manchester United knack City 3-2: Na Mad Comeback

As i dey like this ehn, i don lose my voice because the kind shout wey i shout for viewing centre as Manchester United come from two goals down, to knack Man City 3-2. E too sweet my belle onto say everybody bin write Jose Mourinho’s men off at half-time wen City dey lead 2-0. The people wey score the Reds na Paul Pogba (2x) and Chris Smalling.

Even though we sabi say Man City go still win Premier League title this season, e sweet me as dem no carry am tonight. E for be public disgrace, maybe na wetin ginger United players. As the table take be, Manchester United dey in the driving seat to finish second position as Liverpool and Everton bin play 0-0.

We wan talk about the five things wey we observe for the game:

The first thing wey we observe na say Manchester United’s first half performance na one of the worst displays wey i don see this season. The thing wey e remind me of, na that Sevilla match. The only thing wey save Jose Mourinho and hin men, na say Man City dey wasteful after dem score their second goal, else ehn, the first half for finish like 5-0. Na so so chance after chance wey City dey see. Sterling and Gundagon just dey miss chances up and down. Manchester United no even test Ederson for first half, at all.

Another thing wey we observe na say Paul Pogba bin prove why Manchester United spend millions ontop hin head as e manage carry hin team back in the game. If no be for Pogba, United for lose this game. But as the French man ginger score two goals, e con boost the moral, wey make Smalling score winning goal. Before the game, haters bin dey talk about hin hairstyle, say na rubbish, say e no dey concentrate, but e don silence all of them with world class performance.

Another thing wey we observe na say Pep Guardiola bin run out of ideas tactically. When City bin dey cruise for first half, Guardiola bin dey form badt guy as e be like say na him go win tactically, but as Mourinho’s men crawl back into the game, Guardiola con dey confuse, sote e put Jesus and Aguero. Jesus no play shingbai but Aguero bin threaten United small as e almost win penarity and e almost equalize for Man city with one powerful header. If no be for De Gea, e for be 3-3.

Another thing wey we observe na say the whole Manchester United team bin play well for second half. I no sabi wetin Mourinho tell dem for half-time break, but wetin e tell dem work. No be the first time wey United don dey come back from two goals down to win match this season, e show say the players no dey give up. Their fighting spirit na die.

The last thing wey we observe na say our defence be like pure water for first half, but dey con be like brick wall for second half. Smalling bin mess up, but e con step up. If no be for hin ginger, i no sabi who wan score winning goal for this kind tough match. Bailly no too play well today but e no do error too.


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