Five Things wey we observe as West Brom shame Manchester United 1-0

The kind shame wey Manchester United give me yesterday ehn, no be small thing. If person for tell me say West Brom wey be pit latrin go beat us for Old Trafford, i for doubt am but na wetin happen as Rodriguez score the only goal for the game. Now Man City don win the Premier League title officially and we at MUIP wan congratulate dem because dem deserve am, na dem don play pass for PL dis season.

Meanwhile, we wan talk about the five things wey we observe for the game:

The first thing wey we observe na say Jose Mourinho bin fail totally for the game. Hin tactical decisions na total error. We bin sabi say e suppose attack the game but na the wrong players wey e commot. First e remove Herrera, then e con remove Pogba. E mean say Matic na the only midfielder wey con remain. E con allow make West Brom dey see counter, and na wetin lead to the corner, wey cause the goal. The players wey e suppose remove na Juan Ikeji and Alexo Short Devil.

The second thing wey we observe na say Manchester United game play dey very slow and na everytime wey dem dey attempt tricks and skills but as West Brom pack their defence, e no work. I no know why dem no play simple fast game. E be like say na the victory wey dem see against City last week, wey enter their heads. The first half even make sense pass the second. The second na total dead. Martial and Rashford wey suppose come improve the game, as dem enter na full dead. Even Lingard no do anything. Dey con dey play cross and nodd but na only two crosses wey meet United players (Lukaku and Smalling).

Another thing wey we observe na say Jose Mourinho no dey accept blame. Everytime, e go dey blame the players and e go dey talk about the fact say e don win Premier League title before. Oga, e no go bad if you man up and accept say na you mess up tactically, at least once. E too proud.

Another thing wey we observe na say many players bin get poor game vs West Brom but Juan Mata own na the worst. This season, the Spaniard no dey score but people dey give am benefit of a doubt because e dey try with hin link up play but yesterday the guy na total zero. I wonder how e take play 90 minutes. E just dey lose possession up and down and e no go even make attempt to track back to win ball back. Today now, e go release that hin yama yama blog, make e no just try am because fans go para for am.

The last thing wey we observe na say Manchester United fit still finish second so e go make sense if dem beat Bournemouth on Wednesday night. We hope say dem go win sha because Liverpool wan steal our second position.


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