Five Things wey we observe as Manchester United knack Bournemouth 2-0


Tonight make serious sense as Manchester United knack Bournemouth 2-0. The people wey score for the Reds na Chris Smalling and Romelu Lukaku. The person wey do assist for Smalling’s goal na Lingard, while na Pogba do assist for Lukaku. As everything take be, the Reds don balance yansh well for Second position. Dem dey lead Liverpool with four points and dem dey lead Tottenham with six points.

Jose Mourinho’s men dey two points away from Champions League qualification and their next Premier League game na against Arsenal. Although, United fit qualify if Burnley knack Chelsea on Thursday night.

So, the Red Devils don turn their attention to their FA Cup semi-final clash against Tottenham. Meanwhile, make we sha talk about the five things wey we observe for the game:

The first thing wey we observe na say Manchester United bin no start the game well as na Bournemouth wey start sharply. The kind tension wey catch me for the first ten minutes ehn. Bournemouth wan kill us. But as United manage handle the pressure, sweet me. After the goal wey Smalling score, the game con balance and Mourinho’s men con dey play well. All round, i dey happy with our performance tonight.

Another thing wey we observe na say Ander Herrera bin ball fire tonight, while Pogba ball fire for second half. No be like say Pogba play bad for first half, but e bin no influence the game. For second half, Maazi Pogba school Bournemouth players and e con crown am up with assist. With the way e take step up, e sure me say e go start against Tottenham for FA Cup semi-final.

Another thing wey we observe na say Chris Smalling don turn goal machine under Jose Mourinho. If person for tell me say Smalling go be goal threat in 2018, i for doubt am, but the guy don score for the last three away games wey Manchester United get (Crystal Palace, Manchester City and Bournemouth). The goal wey e score tonight na correct striker’s goal. We dey pray make e continue like this. If e score for Wembley, e no go bad.

Another thing wey we observe na say Anthony Martial no use hin opportunity well but Rashford don give Jose Mourinho headache with the way e take play against Bournemouth. Even though Rashford no score tonight, e worry Bournemouth players and e no lose possession. E also test their keeper. As e sure me say Romelu Lukaku go start for No.9 role on Saturday, the headache wey Mourinho go get, na whether e go use Rashford or Sanchez. Martial bin dey sloppy tonight, e dribble sha but i bin dey expect more from am.

The last thing wey we observe na say our defence bin dey very solid tonight. The person wey impress me pass na Phil Jones. E bin make mad tackles and clearances wey epp David de Gea keep clean sheet. If no be for Jones, Bournemouth for don score as e bin read most of their game. Darmian and Shaw try sha but e remain small Shaw for dash Bournemouth penarity.


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