Players’s report card ontop Bournemouth 0-2 Manchester United: The Reds don bounce back!

As the Reds don dismantle Bournemouth 2-0, Jose Mourinho and hin men don turn their eye to the FA Cup semi-final vs Tottenham on Saturday. Na Wembley stadium e go happen and we no sabi how United go approach the game, whether na with defensive or attacking mindset.

The only thing wey we sabi na say some players wey play well against Bournemouth go start that day, as the Bournemouth game be like audition for that game. So, we wan sharply rate our players ontop how dem take perform on Wednesday night.

David de Gea: E manage keep clean sheet. E bin make some saves wey deny Bournemouth goal, even though dem no see clean scoring chance as our defence bin dey rigid. For second half, e bin dey sleep most times as Bournemouth no worry us. I go rate am 7.

Luke Shaw: E bin epp attack wise as hin runs bin cause Bournemouth problem. But this guy gats learn how to cross because all hin pull-outs yesterday na error. If say e sabi cross ehn, Mourinho for rate am above Ashley Young. E try defensively self. E almost dash Bournemouth penarity. I go rate am 6.

Matteo Darmian: Make i no lie, i dey impressed with am. E bin find himself for good position attackwise and e almost cause trouble, but Pogba no fit control the pass wey e give am. For defence, e epp self. Hin wing no leak. I go rate am 6.

Phil Jones: I dey impressed with this guy. E bin make many mad tackles wey save United last night. If no be for am, De Gea for no keep clean sheet. I go rate am 7.

Chris Smalling: This guy form don improve in front of goal as e don manage score for 3 away games back to back. The way e take score vs Bournemouth make brain as na correct striker movement. E also epp for defence as hin combo with Jones dey solid. I go rate am 8.

Ander Herrera: E get hand for the first goal as na him wey play pass give Lingard, wey e use do assist for Smalling. E bin also epp for defence. I go rate am 8.

Paul Pogba: Na my Man of the Match be this. E bin lost for the first half but e con carry the game on hin shoulder for second half and e boss the midfield. Hin assist for Lukaku make brain gan. I go rate am 9.

Maroune Fellaini: E bin epp to defend ariel balls from corners/free-kicks. E also bin steal balls from Bournemouth plenty times and e no dey sloppy with possession. I go rate am 7.

Anthony Martial: E try but i bin dey expect more from am. E get hand for the second goal, as na him wey flick ball wey Pogba use do assist for Lukaku. But with everything wey e do, i no dey sure say e go start against Tottenham on Saturday. Ehen, e bin almost dash Bournemouth goal scoring chance as e bin try dribble in front of our defence and dem robb am of possession. Thank God say dem no score sha, else e for be wahala for am. I go rate am 6.

Jesse Lingard: Na him wey get assist for the first goal but e bin dey sloppy with possession many times as e just dey dash Bournemouth ball up and down. Mourinho bin remove am early for the game, e fit be say e wan use am for Wembley. I no know sha. I go rate am 7.

Marcus Rashford: E bin impress me. E no lose ball, E show Bournemouth players pepper. The only bad thing na say e no crown hin good performance with goal. I go rate am 8.

Bench Warmers

Romelu Lukaku: E no play for long but e enter and e tear Bournemouth pant. I go rate am 7.

I no fit rate Nemanja Matic and Daley Blind because dem no play for long.

Wetin you think?

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