Players’ report card ontop Manchester United 2-1 Arsenal: Fellaini sink Gunners children

Jose Mourinho’s men don book their place for Champions League next season after dem humble Arsenal 2-1, the only thing wey remain na make dem carry FA Cup title so we fit talk say na good season. But the FA Cup go hard as na Chelsea dey the final. But that one na tori for another day, right now we wan rate our players ontop how dem take perform against Arsenal.

David de Gea: E no too get work as most of the shots wey Arsenal players fire na straight shot, so e catch am easily. I no fit blame am for the goal wey Mkhi score. I go rate am 6.

Chris Smalling: E try for the game. E dey solid for back. Hin combo with Lindelof make brain. E almost gimme high BP for second half as e slip fall inside grass but Lindelof bin save am from public disgrace. I go rate am 6.

Victor Linldeof: E try for the game. Some of hin passes bin go astray but all round, i dey happy with hin game. I go rate am 7.

Antonio Valencia: E try for back but e no epp for attack. All those hin ‘Anywhere belle face’ cross don tire me. All the crosses wey e fling inside Arsenal box no meet one United player. I go rate am 5.

Ashley Young: Mkhitaryan bin give am tough time but e try hin best as e manage reduce the guy threat. But for attack-wise, hin and Valencia dey do competition ontop who sabi cross rubbish pass. But i thank God say e receive sense for stoppage time because na him wey cross the ball wey Fellaini use score. I go rate am 6.

Ander Herrera: E try sha but na him wey be the main cause of the goal wey Arsenal score. The ball wey be hin own, e leave am because e think say Matic go collect am. Matic self con leave am. Na so Arsenal take go score. After e happen, Mourinho vex, remove am. I go rate am 5.

Nemanja Matic: Apart from the error wey lead to the goal, E dey very solid as e just dey steal ball from Arsenal players up and down. E also dey stop their counter attacks. I go rate am 6.

Paul Pogba: Na him be our best player for the pitch. E own that no.10 role gan. Na him wey push the attack wey lead to the first goal. E also control game. If say Lukaku dey on form today, e for don get assist. I go rate am 8.

Jesse Lingard: Hin form don drop sha but Mourinho still dey use am. E lose ball sometimes but e also epp to mark ball for back. Hin link up play with Lukaku no tap today as Lukaku just dey spoil am. I go rate am 5.

Alexis Sanchez: E get major hand for the first goal wey Pogba score. Na him suppose score but hin header knack Bellerin and e con go knack bar, as e come back for Pogba, e blast am inside net. E try sha but i bin dey expect more from am. I go rate am 6.

Romelu Lukaku: This guy get hand for the first goal but after that, e con dey spoil ball. E dey use 100 years to turn. E spoil plenty attacking balls. E no dey make up hin mind quick and na wetin cause hin injury. If say e release that ball quick, that guy for no injure am. I go rate am 4.

Bench Warmers

Marcus Rashford: E no impress me. E score but na offside. Hin link up play with Martial no be am. I go rate am 4.

Anthony Martial: I bin dey expect stand-out performance from am, so e go fit prove point to Jose but i no see am. E go carry ball dribble two/three/four Arsenal players and ur hopes go rise, then e go con pass am to another Arsenal player. Most of the shots wey e fire against Arsenal be like back-pass. Na the fact say e don dey bench for long, dey affect am. Make Man United no sell am o, because e get potential. That Pull-out wey e give Fellaini, na the best impact wey e make for the game. I go rate am 5.

Fellaini: Out of all the subs wey Mourinho make, na him be the best as na him wey score winning goal for Fergie-Time. Even before the goal self, e worry Arsenal defenders. I go rate am 7.


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