Dem dun nominate Man Utd In Pidgin for Esuca2018 – we wan win this one for our fans

Na today wey be 1st of May 2018 voting for pesin wey go win this prestigious award wey be Ekiti State Campus Award 2018 start.

We for MUIP wan con use this opportunity thank all of our fans cos say dem be ogbonge fans, esp those wey be say dem dun dey follow us since day one. God go dey bless una as una always dey turn up for us.

After people dun see our work and everything we dey deliver dem con nominate us for the award and e dey important to us take of say if not for our fans we for no dey here today. And we know say una go turn up big time so as to win this awards. And voting go end on 20th May 2018, so no time to check time, make we start to dey ginger.

This na the step wey una fit follow to vote

Step 1: – you go follow this link enter the first page wey you go vote. You go con scroll down reach the last category wey you go fit vote for for BLOGSITE OF THE YEAR.

Step 2: – you go con follow this link enter the second page wey you go vote. As you dun enter the site the first two categories you go jam na hin you go con vote for Tz (muip) for BLOGGER OF THE YEAR and BEST USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA.

Step 3:

You go con come back in the next 24hrs after u dun vote to vote again cos voting na every 24hrs.

We sabi say e fit stress some people small buh I know say for every pesin wey read this post con vote God go bless una in double portion!!



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