Juan Mata’s blog: “I play ball with Carrick sha, Praise God”


As Monday don reach, Juan Ikeji don come again with another episode of hin weekly blog and i dey here to translate am for una:

My People how una dey,

See ehn, e get some people for this life, wey sabi behave themselves, whether dem dey ontop pitch, or dem dey house. Na how Michael Carrick take be. The guy dey too much, when e dey play ball, e dey do am with class, e dey make things easy, and the way hin dey make the right choices ehn, e dey burst my brain. E dey make my head swell say i don play with Carrick because you know say e go locate you. The only thing wey you gats do na to position yourself well and e go spread pass to you.

Michael na person wey i fit use as example, say football no be only by agidi, but na mind game. Na how our guy take be: E dey reason wella, e dey analyse game. Him na one of the best midfielders wey dey our generation, people dey underate am. If you like football, you no fit hate Carrick. As na Capo, the guy dey lead, we dey follow. The guy no dey shout self but people dey listen, e get experience.

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Everybody wey dey here dey tuale for Baba Carrick. I wan thank am for wetin e contribute to my life. I play with Carrick sha.

Make una enjoy una week, Make we hug.


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