Michael Carrick fit become Mourinho’s right-hand man as Rui Faria dey pack commot?


Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho no go employ new person to replace Rui Faria when season finish and we dey expect say Michael Carrick go become hin right-hand man.

On Saturday, United bin yarn say Faria go wakka commot when season finish as e go like spend time with hin family and e also wan dive into management.

Carrick, wey be 36, don retire from Manchester United but e still dey part of the coaching team. Mourinho don confirm say e no go employ new assistant manager.

“The way i go take organise my coaching staff, e go be like assistant manager no dey,” na wetin Mourinho yarn. “I go get assistant coaches, coaches wey dey handle fitness and i go appoint different coaches wey fit handle different areas. I no go get assistant manager.”

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But we dey suspect say Carrick go be hin right-hand man and e go dey advise Mourinho ontop how e go take carry League title.


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